The Alliance Wrestling Club Awards Banquet

BY  ERICA CHIPPERFIELD, Alliance Times-Herald

The Alliance Wrestling Club held their annual banquet at the Alliance High School multi-purpose room Thursday evening.

To start the evening off the Alliance Wrestling Club leaders thanked all of the coaches and volunteer coaches for their dedication to the wrestlers at both practices and tournaments. This years volunteer coaches were: Jim Bargen, Troy Bucy, Greg Burger, Jimmy Childers, Jeff Cotton, Tim Devlin, Jay Dubs, Quinton Fancher, Josh Freiburger, Tony Fritzler, Edgar Garcia, Chris Jensen, Chad Kelley, Brian Payton, Roman Reina, Bryan Sherlock, Tayton Sherlock, Mark Soriano, Zack Small, Nate Stabnow, Jake Sylvester, and Andrew Weingart. And also thanked coaches Nick Myers, Derrick Wells ( Head coach for the club), and Duane Dobson who celebrated 48 years as a wrestling coach.

Immediately followed by a supper of nachos or walking tacos, with cookies and drinks provided as well, and then on to the awards.

Jace Jensen placed third selling 110 raffle tickets,  Tuff Dubs second, selling 150 raffle tickets, and Riley Picket Pin selling 165 raffle tickets. In total this year the club sold 1, 250 raffle tickets.

This years awards process was difficult there were so many deserving wrestlers. The coaches were asked to vote for each award. The votes were tallied and the decisions were made. It was a difficult task, after much deliberation, consideration and thought, these awards were based off of many things; attendance, determination, behavior, willingness to help others, attitude and representation of the A.

The rookie of the year awards go to our first year wrestlers, the kids who show up and take their time learning new skills and come into their own. They excelled in their first year determined to learn and enjoyed most all of it. This years awards went to Wyatt Meggison and Logan Freiburger, both from group a.

The most dedicated rookie award was handed to the wrestler who was eligible for so many awards, but not just one stood out. The recipient came to every practice, and worked as hard as he could, and really gave it his all. He never gave up, was determined and was the most dedicated rookie this year. The most dedicated rookie of the year award went to Zachary Montgomery, from group a.

The sportsmanship award was given to the recipients who stood out this season, for their fair and generous treatment of others on and off the mat, at practice and tournaments, their willingness to learn and exceed and achieve their own goals, and win or lose they were always great sports. This years sportsman ship awards were presented to Tuff Dubs and Karson Leisy from group a, and Carson Thomas and Mason Hamilton from group b.

The strength and honor awards was chosen by having both mutual respect for one another, as well as a trust amongst a group of their peers. Strength has a physical component to it but more importantly represents the strength of a person character. Honor is the courage, integrity, honesty and respect for a teammate or opponent. This years strength and honor awards were presented to Tatum Devlin from group a, and Caysen Roberstson, Trace Sherlock, and Jett Childers from group b.

The most improved wrestler of the years awards go to the wrestlers who worked hard, showed their determination and willingness to learn to become the best wrestler they can be. Every time their shoes hit the mat, every time they walked through the door, they came in with the intention of being a better wrestler than they were the day before. They had a vision of the wrestler they want to be and they are working at it every day to make themselves better wrestlers. This years most improved wrestler of the year awards were presented to Colton Kelley of group a, and Silas Fancher of group b.

The outstanding wrestler award is given to the wrestler who have taken their place in practice and at tournaments. They have shown up and given their all, and have shown the qualities of good sportsmanship, honor and improvement over the year, and they are well on their way to achieving even more success as they move forward. This years outstanding wrestler of the year awards were presented to Jace Jensen from group a, and Wyatt Stabnow from group b.

The wrestler of the year awards were awarded to the wrestlers that let nothing deter them from their goal. They came to practice with one goal in mind, it didn't matter who their partners were. They always took advantage of bettering their skills and worked towards their own personal goals, all the while helping their partners to succeed and learn, to prepare them both for their next tournament. They went to each tournament and focused on winning and win or lose they learned something from it. They took it home with them and they brought it to practice and over came losses and used them to win their next tournament. They both excelled this year and overcame. They were in fact the wrestlers of the year. This years wrestlers of the year awards were presented to, Rhett Stabnow from group a, and Jackson Bailey from group b.

The most relentless bullpup award is an award that was given out to the wrestler who has persevered to be a great wrestler. They didn’t complain or let anything stop them from showing up. They put their heart into it and achieved their own goals no matter what. The most relentless bull pup recognition award went to Carson Stroud.

The Duane Dobson award was given to the one who put their heart on the mat, the one who went the extra mile to not only help themselves be better wrestlers, but the one who went the extra mile to help others, encouraging their teammates, pushing them to be their best, who looks to help others succeed and wears their heart on their sleeve. The Duane Dobson award went to Whiley Hardy.

The evening concluded by wishing all of the wrestlers well for the end of the season and looking forward to next years wrestling season.