With roughly one week left in the season, the Alliance FNBO Spartans Seniors have seen non-stop action throughout the past week as they continue to pile up the wins.

Last Tuesday evening, the Spartans faced off at home against the WESTCO Zephyrs. The Spartans stayed busy in the first three innings, scoring a total of five runs as the Zephyrs were unable to chalk up any runs throughout the game.

On Wednesday, the Spartans traveled to Chadron, where they chalked up another victory. Alliance posted the first runs of the game in the top of the third inning, racking up a total of four runs. In the next inning, the Spartans had a repeat, posting another four runs. Chadron responded in the bottom of the fourth with one run. In the top of the fifth, the Spartans posted two more runs in the top of the fifth. With Chadron unable to post any more runs, the Spartans claimed a 10-1 victory.

On Friday, the Spartans saw a narrow victory over the Sheridan County Regulators. In the top of the second inning, the Regulators took the lead, posting three runs, while Alliance was able to post only two runs. In the third inning, both teams scored one run. The fourth inning remained scoreless. In the fifth inning, Sheridan County posted one run, but the Spartans, seeing an opportunity, tied up the game by posting two runs. Alliance’s defense prevented Sheridan County from scoring again, while they posted one run in the bottom of the sixth. At the top of the seventh inning, Sheridan County remained scoreless, and the Spartans claimed the win.

The Spartans carried their momentum into Saturday’s first game of the day, where they claimed a 12-1 victory over Sidney. However, in the next game of the day, the Gering Platte Valley Companies halted their momentum, claiming a 5-3 victory over the Spartans in seven innings.

On Sunday, the Spartans rebounded with a game against Chadron, shutting them out with a 9-0 victory. In a rematch with the Gering Platte Valley Companies, the Spartans shut them out with an 11-0 victory in the first game of a double header. In the second game, however, Gering came back with a narrow win over the Spartans, claiming a 5-4 victory.

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