Junior Varsity Girls Tennis Triangular 

By AMANDA MITTAN, Alliance Times-Herald 

With mother nature not quite cooperating, spring teams are beginning to wonder just how much play time they will get to see this season. Although contrary to the weather, the girls tennis teams was able to get on the courts this past Tuesday as they played both Gering and Scottsbluff — their first JV triangular.   

Head coach Kathy Brock commented, “I told the girls that this is our practice one.  We will learn scoring and playing doubles and then we will be more confident when we play them the next time.” 

Brock further noted, “ I actually was really surprised in how well they did for their first time.  They all seemed to have had fun while playing to, which is awesome for us as coaches to see.”   

With the weather there has been a few changes to upcoming matches. As of press time the girls will travel to North Platte on Monday. Originally the girls were also scheduled to play Gering here in Alliance on Tuesday. That match up has been rescheduled to Thursday, April 4 and will be a varsity only triangular with action starting at 2 p.m.  

Here are scores from the Junior Varsity Gering and Scottsbluff Triangular:  

Doubles vs. Gering:  

#1: Brooklyn Branstiter and Jo Flood  6-4 

#2: Laura Niesler and Kasey Jensen 3-6 

#3: Jessica Garza and Emmerae Korte 1-6 

#4: Kayla Campos and Andrea Vargas 1-6 

#5: Kaylie Bolinger and Trinity Jewett 4-6 

#6: Payton Gibson and Laura Nieseler 6-4 

Singles vs. Gering:  

#1: Maddie Korte 6-0 

#2: Alysha Gunn 6-4 

#3: Josephine Schnell 1-6 

Doubles vs. Scottsbluff:  

#1: Maddie Korte and Payten Gibson 6-2 

#2: Alysha Gunn and Jo Flood 0-6 

#3: Trinity Jewett and Kaylie Bolinger 2-6 

#4: Josephine Schnell and Andrea Vargas 6-6/ 5-7 

#5: Brooklyn Branstiter and Laura Niesler 2-6 

#6: Kayla Campos and Jessica Garza 2-6 

#7: Emmerae Korte and Kasey Jensen 1-6 

#8: Alysha Gunn and Payten Gibson 4-6 

#9 Josephine Schnell and Kaylie Bolinger 0-6 

#10: Trinity Jewett and Andrea Vargas 1-6 

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