Pictured are, front row, l-r: Kale Hulquist, Olivia Krejci and Reese Armstrong. Middle row: Tee Johnson, Emerson Trumble and Joe Collins. Back row: Jayda Backous, Macy Brooks, Jonah Amill, Matthias Benzel, Bailey Shannon, Kealee Jelinek and Mark Glesinger.

Basketball fans were in for a real treat Sunday as the 26th annual St. Agnes elementary basketball tournament was held at the Holy Rosary Parish Center. Twenty-eight students took part in the event. Seven teams—four boys and three girls—participated in the tournament which was the culmination of three week camp put on by St. Agnes teacher and coach Mark Glesinger. The tournament kicked off a busy week for the students of the Academy as St. Agnes is celebrating Catholic Schools week. Boys and girls in grades 1-2-3 took to the floor with hopes of taking home the team titles.

Placing first in the girl's division were the Blue Jaguars coached by Bailey Shannon, Macy Brooks, Kealee Jelinek, and Jayda Backous. Team members were: Kale Hulquist, Olivia Krejci, Quinn Robertson, and Reese Armstrong. The White Huskies finished second with Norah Beck as their coach. Playing for the Huskies were Eleanor Shelmadine, Aubree Shrewsbury, Stella Beck, and Penn Vergil. Taking third were the Green Turtles coached by Kenley Jelinek, Hadleuy Shrewsbury, Paz Cody, Abigail LeMunyan, The Turtle team consisted of Maslin Breen, Aubrey Dutton, Delaney Jelinek, and Molly Breen.

The winner on the boy's side were the Orange Tigers coached by Matthias Benzel and Jonah Amill. Playing for the Tigers were: Tee Johnson, Joe Collins, Tripp Johnson, and Emerson Trumble. Second went to the Red Panthers whose coaches were Kail Fickel and Isaac Baker. Team members for the Panthers were: Cisco Cody, Burr Underwood, Oryan Kozal, and Gage Finkey.

The Gray Wolves also took part in the event with its members: Danny Jelinek, Luke Jelinek, Ashton Weingart, and Tatum Delvin. Coaching the Wolves were Morgan Lemunyan and Ava Weingart. Rounding out the field were the Black Bulldogs coached by Luke Weems, Joe Steele, and Payton Boyer. Team member for the Bulldogs were Marcus Glinatsis, Tanner Gillespie, Mason Conyers and George Glinatsis.

Both the Tigers and Jaguars went undefeated in the tournament.

Coach Glesinger said, “Very well attended event! The kids played their hearts out with many close games. Many thanks to all the other students who helped coach, ref and keep score!”

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