ALLIANCE — Name: Mason Hiemstra

Grade: Senior

Parents: Randy and Angie Hiemstra

Reason selected: Mason became one of the top receivers in school history this season, capping off the year with 87 yards and two touchdowns against York.

How did you learn to play football? From my dad. When I was younger, I remember we’d always go out in the front yard and play catch and I remember I wouldn’t let either of us go inside before I had 500 catches.

Best memory with the sport? Beating Brush at home in front of our whole community. It was the best feeling ever!

Any pre-game rituals or superstitions? I always put my left sock on first because during my eighth-grade year Mathew Wood told me it was lucky, so I’ve just stuck with it ever since.

Any pets? I have two dogs named Kia and Chester.

Dream vacation? Somewhere in Hawaii.

Favorite restaurant? La Villa. I love Mexican food!

Dream job? My dream job would be to play in the NBA.

Role model? My dad, because he’s taught me so much about sports and how to be a good person to others.

HEMINGFORD — Name: Justin Davis

Grade: Senior

Parents: Jane Davis

Why selected? Justin ran rampant for more than 300 rushing yards and seven touchdowns in Hemingford’s opening-round playoff game.

How did you learn to play football? From my older brothers.

What’s your best memory with the sport? Scoring my first touchdown in a playoff game my freshmen year.

Any pre-game rituals or superstitions? I wear the same socks and listen to the same music.

Any pets? Two corgis: Buster and Scotty

Dream vacation? Go to an Oklahoma football game.

Favorite restaurant? Ruby Tuesdays.

Dream job? Linemen.

Role model? Mama Davis — My mom.

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