Wrestlers from Alliance and Hemingford traveled to Omaha, where they competed at the state competition. Tyler Coleman, of Hemingford, was the only wrestler from Box Butte County to place at the state tournament. The following are the results:



132: Champ. Round 1: Nick Demonte, of Platteview, won against Jaxon Minnick, of Alliance (Fall 4:29). Cons. Round 1: Caden Corcoran, of Ralston, won by major decision against Jaxon Minnick.

138: Champ. Round 1: Asa Johnson, of Alliance, won against Robert Greenwood, of Bennington. Quarterfinal: Collin Quandt, of Northwest, won against Asa Johnson. Cons. Round 2: Asa Johnson won by major decision over Jeremiah Kruntorad, of Pierce. Cons. Round 3: Joel Lemburg, of Columbus Lakeview, won against Asa Johnson.

195: Champ. Round 1: Zach Ellingson, of Seward, won against Matthew Escamilla, of Alliance (Fall 1:46). Cons. Round 1: Wyatt Fanning, of Waverly, won against Matthew Escamilla (Fall 2:30).



113: Champ. Round 1: Logan Peterson, of South Loup, won against Creel Weber, of Hemingford (Fall 2:41). Cons. Round 1: Creel Weber won against Blaine Orta, of East Butler (Fall 2:10). Cons. Round 2: Zack Hartl, of Elkhorn Valley, won against Creel Weber.

132: Champ. Round 1: Ryan Payne, of Centennial, won against Carter Buchheit, of Hemingford. Cons. Round 1: Carter Buchheit won against Chase Racicky, of Ansley-Litchfield. Cons. Round 2: Carter Buchheit, of Hemingford, won against Garrett Latimer, of Southwest. Cons. Round 3: Art Escalante, of Winside, won against Carter Buchheit (Fall 4:03).

138: Champ. Round 1: Connor Sonderup, of Fullerton, won by major decision against Luke Honstein, of Hemingford. Cons. Round 1: Luke Honstein won against Ethan Dack, of Shelton (Fall 1:09). Cons. Round 2: Enrique Martinez, of Central Valley, won by major decision against Luke Honstein.

152: Champ. Round 1: Isaiah Bryner, of Hemingford, won against Castor Ruyle, of Shelton (Fall 3:26). Quarterfinal: Brett Tryon, of Southwest, won against Isaiah Bryner. Cons. Round 2: Brody Dickinson, of Freeman, won against Isaiah Bryner.

160: Champ. Round 1: Tyler Coleman, of Hemingford, won by major decision against Tyson Rodewald, of Centennial. Quarterfinal: Jackson Feulner, of Thayer Central, won against Tyler Coleman. Cons. Round 2: Tyler Coleman won against Kendal Neal, of Mullen. Cons. Round 3: Tyler Coleman won against Levi Belina, of Howells-Dodge. Cons. Semi: Jarrett Parsons, of High Plains Community, won against Tyler Coleman. Fifth Place Match: Tyler Coleman won by major decision against Derek Gibson, of Maxwell. Coleman placed fifth.

170: Champ. Round 1: Alex Gideon, of Burwell, won by major decision against Alex Neefe, of Hemingford. Cons. Round 1: Sean Duffy, of Kenesaw, won against Alex Neefe.

195: Champ. Round 1: James Hargett, of Southern Valley, won against Jake Sellman, of Hemingford (Fall 5:00). Cons. Round 1: Jake Sellman won against Tyler Wolfe, of Sandhills Valley (Fall 0:39). Cons. Round 2: Colton Thiele, of Summerland, won against Jake Sellman (Fall 2:45).

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