Alliance played host to the Alliance Invite Cross Country meet on Saturday, with 11 teams from the region competing. The following are the results from the meet:


Varsity Boys 5,000 Meter:

Alec Garcia, of Alliance, placed fifth with a time of 18:32.89.

Devin Hughes, of Alliance, placed 29th with a time of 19:56.55.

Isaiah Bryner, of Hemingford, placed 30th with a time of 19:58.26.

Jacob Clouse, of Hemingford, placed 36th with a time of 20:20.57.

Brock Brass, of Alliance, placed 41st with a time of 20:49.93.

Tyson Knaub, of Alliance, placed 43rd with a time of 20:58.51.

John Ansley, of Hemingford, placed 44th with a time 21:00.09.

Braden Christopherson, of Hemingford, placed 45th with a time of 21:00.56.

Danny Steele, of Alliance, placed 48th with a time of 21:53.24.

Jaxon Bair, of Alliance, placed 50th with a time of 21:57.3.

Zane Hinman, of Hemingford, placed 52nd with a time of 22:11.33.

Alliance placed fifth as a team with a score of 100.

Hemingford placed seventh as a team with a score of 132.


Junior Varsity Boys 5,000 Meter:

Gabriel Sanders, of Alliance, placed 32nd with a time of 22:46.18.

Luke Honstein, of Hemingford, placed 38th with a time of 23.12.51.

Brandon Patterson, of Alliance, placed 50th with a time of 24:37.23.

Teren Hunter, of Hemingford, placed 51st with a time of 24:43.03.


Varsity Girls 5,000 Meter:

Jori Stewart, of Hemingford, placed 22nd with a time of 23:25.91.

Shelby Carr, of Alliance, placed 26th with a time of 23:41.09.

Mikayla Seebohm, of Alliance, placed 33rd with a time of 24:20.91.

Lara Rieger, of Alliance, placed 36th with a time of 24:43.17.

Destiny Hanson, of Hemingford, placed 37th with a time of 24:44.53.

Dianna Kollars, of Alliance, placed 51st with a time of 26:15.89.

Macala Hood, of Alliance, placed 56th with a time of 27:38.34.

Kyla Walker, of Hemingford, placed 59th with a time of 29:29.41.

Laykin Sperl, of Alliance, placed 62nd with a time of 31:18.06

Alliance placed eighth as a team with a score of 133.


Junior Varsity Girls 5,000 Meter:

Liliana Andersen, of Alliance, placed 15th with a time of 26:42.84.

Keressa Ojeda, of Alliance, placed 28th with a time of 30:08.6.

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