Word from the Range-Wedding Snapshots

Father of the bride kneeling in quiet prayer at the back of the church prior to the ceremony.

Two of my preteen great granddaughters tending the guest book and handing out programs while their younger sisters patiently waited to strew flowers and carry rings.

The groom’s glowing smile as my granddaughter approached the altar. Her hand reaching to wipe a tear from his cheek.

My daughter in law’s voice soaring true and clear in songs chosen by the groom, who is a music teacher.

A surprise song that daddy chose for his little girl to end the service.

My oldest son, true to his reputation as a cook, supervising the cutting and serving of pies at the dinner.

My daughter and a cousin, recalling the antics of youth over dinner.

Mother of the bride dancing with her head on the groom’s shoulder during the parent’s dance. His family is from overseas, and were unable to come due to quarantine restrictions.

My daughter’s grandkids, ages seven and eight, line dancing and teaching newly met city acquaintances to dance country western.

Teen grandkids, jiving with their mom. That family has rhythm!

The boys, trying to decide whether to ask a pretty girl to dance. “She might be a cousin I haven’t met…”

I try telling them it’s ok to dance with a cousin, but that wasn’t quite what they had in mind.

A great granddaughter with a very shy, out of area, boyfriend, who doesn’t dance. But she got him out there for the musical chairs/dance game.

Conversations with a former sister in law/heart sister, and meeting her teenaged grandkids.

Paying to dance with the groom and telling him how happy we are to welcome him to the fold.

A dance with my youngest son, and an “I love you, Mom,” at the end.

We do our best to adhere to restrictions that help reduce infection but there are times when caution is tempered with celebration, and I am not one bit sorry for stepping over some lines on this happy occasion. But you may not see me out and about for a couple of weeks, just as a precaution for your own sake, after being with so many people from other areas.

Whether you are shut in or out and about, I wish you an occasion for joy this week.