I feel like this week has been in a weird, rhythmic flux. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday were all gloomy and cloudy while Tuesday and Thursday was bright and nearly cloudless. The cloudy days can make us prone to an unwillingness to wake up while the sunny days leave me with nostalgia for the wonderful disc-golfing weather we’ve had.

Fortunately, Saturday’s weather is perfect for the activities scheduled with a high of 73 and without any clouds while Sunday is a little less than ideal at a high of 60 and partially cloudy … but you don’t need me to tell you that when the weather is listed on the front page.

The 9th Annual Because I Can 5K begins at 8:30 a.m. for registration, hosted by Alliance Physical Therapy. The cost is $15 for 5K participants or $40 for a family. New to this event is a kids run around Laing Lake at 8:45 a.m. while walkers start at 9 a.m. and runners at 9:15 a.m.

Preston Walls is hosting another strongman competition Saturday at 10 a.m. The 2017 Cornhusker State Strongman Competition will see five events for participants: Max Log Clean and Press, Farmers Deadlift for Reps, Keg Carry, Sandbag Over Bar Medley, and Duck Hold for Time. First place winners will receive a trophy in each class with nine different classes to compete in depending on weight.

Lastly, a local 4-H club will be bringing a variety of pets to assisted living centers on Sunday. I’ll be hitting up Crossroads Assisted Living at 2 p.m. to see what pets will be lighting up the faces of those residents.

That’s all for now! I’ll be taking advantage of Saturday’s weather while I can, either in playing disc golf or finally breaking out the spray paint to make some art and learn more about the art technique. Both of those hobbies are usually ruined by these prairie winds, though it doesn’t always keep me from doing what I love.

As for my Sunday, I’ll be enjoying a stay-cation while I can. Whether I’ll be binge-watching Gotham (or some anime) or honing my video game skills, I can’t say. I do know that Sunday, though possibly gloomy, will not be a waste for me. I hope it isn’t a waste for any of you either!

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