So we left off last week explaining creepypasta, the storytelling style of Ben Drowned, and how I discovered this YouTube mystery via Game Theory with MatPat. At that time, I hadn’t actually watched any of the Petscop videos, just the theory.

I’ve now watched all 10 videos and read through a few different theories and comments about the game. I’ve taken some time to watch breakdown videos and read theories in case there were things that I missed and to hopefully put together a comprehensive and collaborative theory.

If you haven’t looked up anything about the game, I explained previously that a consensus for the theory of this game is based on a case involved the death of a child, Candace, in Colorado. She was submitted to “attachment therapy” by her adoptive mother, Jeane Newmaker. Jeane made claims that Candace has Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD).

RAD is a disorder involving a child’s inability to form any kind of bond with their parents or caregivers. There are plenty of things that can cause RAD in a child; anywhere from a newborn baby hospitalized for too long, a child bouncing to different homes through foster care or adoption services, or even from inexperienced or neglectful parents. Understand that this isn’t a virus that can be passed from kid to kid; it’s not a physical health issue, but a psychological health issue.

That’s as much as I’m willing to say. The case is really messed up, but I encourage you to pursue your curiosity and to dig into it on your own. However, it is a hard pill to swallow, so be warned.

While most believe that the game surrounds the case of Candace Newmaker, there are a few claiming that the game has little to do with the case. Regardless, especially after watching all available videos of the game, it certainly seems like there is way more to this than just Candace Newmaker.

I have yet to thoroughly research any of the symbols and references that the game makes, whether clear or murky. There is a surprising amount of stuff to go through in this game.

Colors play a huge role to us in everything we do. We often take this simple feat for granted. This “game” doesn’t. Names in the game, like “Michael Hammond” (referred to as Mike in some places), shows up in pink when selecting his tombstone. There’s a journal entry that you read as the player that shows different colors depending on who was speaking.

Another example of the colors is the “tool” that the game shows you. “Tool” is this object sitting in a room that answers your questions. At two different points in the video, during gameplay, you’ll see it turn from this reddish color to pink. Because colors tie closely to this game, I’ve theorized that it could be Mike because of the color of his name on his tombstone. The tombstone also informs you that he’s a child. This is important because of a “freakout” that Tool had.

At two points in the game, Tool turned bright pink and stated a few things about Marvin. Tool stated that Marvin hurts him with Tool when the Playstation is on.

Dates of the videos seem to play a role in the mystery as much as everything else. The videos were released in the earlier half of this year, the last video released on May 31.

There are four instances where objects were censored in the game. It is revealed that the uploader of these videos deliberately censored these four objects (maybe clues he hadn’t planned on releasing yet, maybe a mistake in his delivery of this mystery; who knows), but that he isn’t able to explain why they’re censored “yet.” The yet seems to imply that we’ll learn the nature of these objects later on. This also seems to imply that there will be more videos, even though it’s been a few months.

There are descriptions to the pets and children that you collect. Those descriptions, while vague enough, seem to help fill in some of the holes. When you pause the game, bringing up the pause screen, there is almost always a different message on the right side.

There are two (or three) planes in this game. There is the Gift Plane, which seems happy-go-lucky and bubbly, and there is the Newmaker Plane, which is the “underground” dark and creepy area of the game. If the game follows Candace’s case throughout it, a theory suggests a third plane being the actual Newmaker Plane in between the Gift Plane and the Underground Plane, this plane being symbolic to “rebirthing” and the psychological degradation of Candace during the process.

More clues involve references to Dr. Seuss’ Daisy-Head Mayzie. Two major references appear in this game. The first is “Good grief and alas” written on a wall. The second is within two floors of a house. The top floor shows a daisy with 16 petals. The bottom shows a girl, Care NLM, crying at the top of a pedestal. When all of the petals have been plucked, the girl then becomes completely broken.

There’s a treadmill in the Gift Plane that’s tied to the daisy and a number on a screen that corresponds to the treadmill. Walking one way will increase the number (a max of 16, just like on the daisy) while walking another way will decrease the number.

The lowest number on the treadmill isn’t 0, it’s negative 1. At zero, you’ll find Care NLM broken just like when the daisy is completely plucked. When the treadmill shows -1, you’ll find Care NLM before plucking the daisy and you’re able to capture her. Her description explains that “you had to lie to her” in order to capture her.

That same daisy is symbolic to “she loves me, she loves me not” with each petal plucked. At zero, she’s broken. At one point, the player checks on her after three petals are left and she seemed normal. It’s theorized that “even numbers” means “doesn’t love me” and “odd numbers” means “loves me.” Negative 1 is an odd number.

I apologize if this seems sporadic to you, but those who are familiar with the topic will be able to follow along. Space is limited as well, so it is difficult to convey everything in one shot.

The reason I’m writing about this is because of its originality and its utter uniqueness. I’m not an expert, but I’ve been playing video games for literally all of my life. I’ve never seen a story delivered this way.

This Petscop series ties in the “Let’s Play” video formula from YouTubers and the programming of this game in order to tell a story. His reactions to the gameplay are clues, the dates for when the videos are uploaded are clues, the names, the colors, the references and easter eggs; literally everything involved in this is an elaborate mystery that leaves you with more questions than you started with.

The game, the video, the questions, the theories; they all haunt me. What’s more haunting? It seems like everything in this game is based off of real events that occurred in our plane of existence. More people are learning of Petscop, too. While the videos may not have reached a million views, it is quickly sweeping the internet in curiosity. The biggest question yet to be answered: What is the purpose of this game?

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