Well we made it though another year and have the opportunity to start all over again. How was your Christmas and New Year’s? I hope everything went fairly well. I know I can’t complain much, even if I did it wouldn’t do much good. Hehe… But honestly I had a wonderful holiday season surrounded by so much love that I could barely stand it but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

It has always been tradition that we go out to my parents’ house on Christmas Eve to enjoy some chili (made by my brother this year) and the infamous oyster stew (which I happen to really enjoy). The abundance of sweet goodies was extra delicious this year. My mom sure worked hard on her amazing salted nut rolls, peanut brittle, and a variety of other things including peanut butter filled crackers dipped in chocolate. After the meal was cleaned up everyone headed into the big living room where the kids passed out presents and we all took turns opening them, making our way from youngest to oldest.

One thing I noticed among the chaos and commotion was that Paisley, now nine months old, just had this constant smile on her face. As if she was the happiest, most content baby in the world. It was clear that even at that age she could feel the love radiating from our wonderful family.

Being the youngest she was first to tear into a present from grandma and grandpa and happily flung her new pajamas behind her as she wanted down. She just had to crawl around and see what everyone else was doing. My great niece Aubree was next before going on down the kids and starting all over again after my dad opened one of his presents.

Paisley received some great gifts, as did Ashlyn and Layla. We all got some perfect gifts and each of us had a smile on our faces the whole night. One thing that can’t be wrapped is the amount of love we all have for each other. For that I’m eternally grateful and ever so humble.

Soon the mess was cleaned up and everyone headed home so that Santa could come. That night was a very short one for me, as I still had to wrap the majority of the gifts for the girls and Eric. Layla woke me up bright and early, as the anticipation wouldn’t let her sleep. “HE CAME, HE CAME!” she yelled! The magic of Christmas did not disappoint and luckily after the gifts were played with we were able to enjoy a little nap before going back to my parents’ for Christmas dinner.

The dinner was amazing and many fun games were played. Soon after Christmas the stomach bug hit our house and reality set in that the magic was gone. Because Paisley was the most sick out of all of us, she and I spent New Year’s at our house with my mom and dad and Eric and the older girls rang in the New Year in the middle of the Colorado Mountains with his mom Sue. But we’re all back together again and everyone is on the mend.

I hope I haven’t made this “weekend column” too long but I was excited to tell you all about my special Christmas. Plus there’s not much going on in town this weekend to talk about anyways. The one and only thing that I know about is the weekly Saturday lunch over at Haven on the Brick starting at 11 a.m.

Hopefully at my house we can use this weekend to watch some movies as we recuperate from our illness and holiday chaos. It’ll be a perfect weekend to get the Christmas decorations put away too.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year. Sending lots of love from my family to yours.

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