There is a load of topics that I would love to write about this week: protestors arrested on inauguration day who didn’t even attend the protest, the new Star Wars movie and how much everyone hates it (but I don’t!), maybe my Mega Man phase I’m going through …

Instead, I figured I would write about something more topical with the upcoming New Year holiday.

I have a lot of words to describe myself and I’ve been told by plenty of others who I am. Looking at myself more objectively, I know I can be pretty critical in general. I often worry if what I’ll type this week comes off as too harsh or too passionate. Sometimes having that passion can put others off, so I feel I’m constantly criticizing myself about it.

I’m constantly criticizing myself in general, though. If there’s anything I’ve said to you that might seem off-putting, just know that I’ve told myself those same words a million times over. While I am critical of plenty of things going on in our city, our county, our state, and our nation, I figured I would take this time to prove how critical I am of myself and teach what I’ve learned when it comes to being a critic.

It’s important to be open to criticism, but what is the point if it isn’t constructive? We can talk about how bad someone smells, but do we ever tell that person? Or do we ever give them advice to help them with an apparent problem? Or do we ever follow up with something positive about them?

We all have flaws, but how often do we compliment each other? With criticism, it becomes easier to trash something or focus only on the negative. It becomes easier to focus on the things we might not like about ourselves or others. Eventually, we begin to micromanage ourselves and punish ourselves with ridiculous expectations. Maybe that’s just me?

So what are my flaws? That’s really hard for anyone to ask themselves. It’s even harder to actually point out your flaws with a constructive mindset.

Procrastination used to be a bad flaw of mine. It’s not like I’m ever late on my responsibilities, just that I put it off a little longer than I should. I’ve gotten way better about procrastination since working for the T-H. I know I have great time management (wouldn’t that be true if I’m never late?), but it’s amazing how much more time I have when I take care of things sooner than later.

I’ve gained weight since working for the T-H. I’ve been at a steady 180 to 190 pounds since winter season last year. I’ve also lost some muscle mass in my legs and waist. Changing my diet would help, or just getting more exercise.

I’m sure my colored hair, piercings, or tattoos are considered flaws to some. It’s important not to listen to that type of criticism at all. While those are all choices I made (and I’m more than happy to confront those with closed minds), there’s nothing constructive about that criticism and it certainly doesn’t affect anyone other than myself.

The same goes for other “physical flaws.” “God created each in his own vision” or “God made us equal in his image” becomes mindless rhetoric if you aren’t willing to back those words up and practice what you preach.

I know I didn’t state a lot of my flaws, but I have a limited amount space. Even so, what someone might consider to be a flaw, someone else will fall in love with you for it.

Some of the things I am solid on is practicing what I preach and holding myself accountable to the threat of becoming a hypocrite. It can’t always be avoided, but as I’ve said, “at least I’m trying.”

Something else I’ve gotten pretty good at is being kind. Yes, I’m direct and concise with my words, but I do so with your well-being in mind. Being kind does not, however, mean that I am a pushover. 

I wasn’t very faithful to my resolutions in the past. Maybe one resolution I could make is to stay faithful to my resolutions (insert Inception reference here). So now that I’ve listed a few “pros and cons” of myself, I think I can come up with some resolutions. While I am using myself as an example, I am hoping it might give inspiration to others.

Resolution 1: Read at least one book per month. I read and write each and every single day, whether it’s subtitles to the anime or movies I watch, comments or posts on social media, or the various news articles. It’s been awhile since I’ve read a book, however. I actually picked up three books before the new year, so I’m hoping to conquer at least one beforehand.

Resolution 2: Break the 180-pound barrier. I can change my diet up and eat better or I can go work out. Both need to happen, but I’ll be taking a step in the right direction if I can do one or the other, if not both.

Resolution 3: Listen more. Half of my job is listening and comprehending what I heard. This goes beyond what I already do, though. It’s something to constantly work at, but if you listen hard enough, you can even hear the words someone chose not to speak.

I’m sure I’ll have a few more resolutions to add once I’ve spent more time thinking about it. In the meantime, I hope I’ve given you something to think about or maybe inspired you with a resolution. It’s been a nice break from “politics.” What are some of your resolutions for the new year?

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