Morning Musings

On the job training. I think it is a pretty good idea if it works for the employer. When you have a question or a problem there is some one close by to help you out. When I was learning how to punch data in the computer it was sure helpful to have the answer man close by. I think God gives us on the job training in our daily lives and it even extends beyond our job borders inot our home lives, social lives and really all forms of life. The on the job training I am talking about is loving others. When we go into the work place we may or may not quite fit in, kind of the nature of sin to keep people divisives. God knew all this about us before we were even born. The Bible says, “owe no man anything but to love them.” Also says “Don’t envy or provoke one another.” Do we always go into that environment with that mindset? God says to do that so he must have provided the means to do that. Now what kind of means did He provide? Remember God is the Master and Master Planner. Paul wrote in Galations, “I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me.” I cannot go out in this world of work, play and business and love everyone but Christ inside of me sure can. There is no peace in hating and envying, and provoking one another, but there is a great peace from loving one another. I hope when you get up this morning you can say. “It is no longer who lives but Christ lives in me.” It makes life worth living no matter who you are or what you have. God Bless You!