Morning Musings

Kicks, Get Your Kicks on Route 66. When I was a kid that was the slogan for one of our super highways that run from Los Angeles to Chicago. This was before interstates came along. Back in those days automobiles were more prone to break down. There were tire troubles, overheating due to broken fan belts and hoses, fuel pumps and water pumps failed, etc. Motorists were pretty good about stopping to help someone along the way. On our routes of life where do we get our kicks? If you are like me you might have stopped in some on the night clubs along the way and really no good ever came of that. Maybe you like stopping and furnishing some duct tape or a trie wrench, or maybe just to the broken down motorist. God made us all to be servants, that is the natural order of life in His Kingdom. When we serve other Gods besides Him, the Bible states, “Sorrows will increase for those who seek after other Gods. Now I can be wrong many time s in a day but the bible does is not wrong, the Bible does not do wrong, it is far too important for that. Whatever you read in the Bible is true. One might get offended, one might not agree with everything, but still the Bible is right. It has to be so that you and I can do down our routes of life knowing what is the way to live and what is not good for us. Gas up yourself this morning with the Word of God so that you will be a servant to others who you meet on the road of life waiting on the shoulders. One mindset will give you peace and the other more sorrow. If you see a Church along the way stop in. God Bless You!