Morning Musings

Live, love and laugh, you see that often on home decor. It is a nice saying. I suppose everyone would like to bury them self in that phrase. When you turn on the news I wonder how hard it is to hold onto that phrase? Fires, floods, shootings, racism, political unrest, drugs and on and on. This is the kind of a two part catch here. Then I wonder how many know the difference between life and abundant life? I wonder how many of us know what real love is? This I wonder how many of us are really light hearted? There is not enough room here to answer these questions but they should definitely be answered so you know where you stand. If you do not know talk to a preacher that knows the answers to these questions well so he can help you. Be aware your pride might tell you that you know all these things already. You can live and die without knowing the answers to a lof of things but don’t short yourself here. God does love you, He does want to help you and I, we are created to call on Him for help. God Bless You!