Everything seems to be falling into place for me, regardless of how jam-packed my week has been (seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever been so busy in my entire life). My wedding is in about a month, the bachelor/bachelorette party this weekend (we combined them because what use do I have for strippers when I am marrying the girl of my dreams?), almost everything is paid off surprisingly, and I’ve received more compliments from all of you wonderful people who continuously support me and my writing.

Normally, this would cause panic to rise within me, but I guess I’ve really grown up and come a long way from where I used to be. The notion of good things coming in mass quantities would raise an alarm that something bad is now inevitable as way of balancing my life. After all, there is always something bad that can come from something good.

One example of this is kind intentions. There is a phrase that reflects this (because I’m full of phrases today), “The road to hell is paved with kind intentions,” meaning that sometimes good intentions aren’t enough. There is always going to be a consequence of every action, of course. My mom brought me donuts the other day, even though I’ve sworn them off for the sake of my physique — now that I no longer work in physical labor, I’ve admittedly gained some weight. What irritates me about this is that she knows and still did it anyways! At least she’s reliable…

All joking aside, you can see what I mean. Sometimes good intentions from one person can make for a bad day for someone else … not that my mom bringing me donuts turned my day into a bad one (I’m not heartless, you know).

So a lot of good things happening would normally mean something bad, possibly in a big way, is bound to come my way. I realize now how flawed that perspective really was. OF COURSE something bad is bound to come my way, but not because good things are happening to me. Causation and correlation are two different things.

Ice cream sales rise in the summer, that’s a known fact. It’s also known that murder rates and violent crimes increase during summer as well. Does this mean that murderers really love ice cream? If the answer isn’t rhetorical to you by now, “no” is what we’re looking for.

It is possible murderers REALLY love ice cream, but that isn’t what causes an increase in murders. The same goes for having anything bad happen to me because of a lot of good things.

Just like there is some bad that comes from anything good, there is also some good that comes from anything bad. I learned this from the YinYang symbol after someone explained the symbolism behind white and black. A black circle surround by light signifies that even somebody who seems to have the purest of intentions can actually be self-serving contrary to their words, or that even light can cast a shadow. A white circle standing out in the darkness signifies that no matter how dark things may seem, there will always be a little light.

On my best days, and in my younger years, I was overly optimistic while remaining overly pessimistic in my worst moments. However, I’ve found balance over the blood, sweat, and tears I’ve shed throughout my life.

If there is one thing I’ve learned, something that will always remain true for me and powerful in symbolism for the best perception anyone can have, is finding that silver lining in the clouds.

When your day seems grey and cloudy, the sun still shines behind those clouds, giving them a “silver lining”, which is supposed to symbolize that there is something beautiful even in something that is seen as drab, something good that others might see as terrible (personally, I love the rain).

So when bad things happen, try to remain positive. Keep in mind that there is a silver lining to everything bad and there is always light even within the darkness, even if it is something as simple as creating an opportunity out of something unfortunate.

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