KAB Murphy's


Meg Johnson has been grooming dogs at Murphy’s Grooming for 20 years this month. That’s worth celebrating. Another thing worth celebrating is her commitment to a green lifestyle. The business has signed up for both curbside and cardboard pickup for years now. Due to the large amount of shampoo bottles consumed and her employees bringing their own personal recycling from home, they always have plenty to recycle. “I’m glad you guys do cardboard. We get lots of shipments,” she said. “A really nice convenience you’re offering the services you are.”

Her commitment stems out of a deep belief that, “It’s important. I feel the world we’re living in, there’s a lot of waste. Rather than contributing to that, we’re returning energy.”

Even before curbside pickup was available in Alliance, Meg took advantage of the opportunity to recycle with KAB. “It’s a valuable resource. I’m glad you guys are offering that.” 

These days, she’s exploring new ways of being green. In November, she got a grow tower and now it is residing in the front lobby of Murphy’s Grooming. Meg is getting ready to plant seeds and start the germination process. She can grow just about anything in the tower. This will be a way for her to have more “food independence” as she grows salad greens, spinach, chard and herbs beneath plant lights, no soil and responsible water usage.

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