What happened to the will of the people?

I finally accepted the reality that business had bought and paid for the US Senate and House, but I thought: no big deal. They are locked in gridlock and never do anything anyway.

We can at least be happy that the state legislature in Nebraska is responsive to the people. That must be true because we have been told several times this session that the second house of the Unicameral is the people. Imagine my surprise when, despite the fact that 60 percent of the voters in the last election voted to raise minimum wage, the legislature decided that because a few business didn’t want to pay the new wage, we could create a new group of second-class citizens who shouldn’t receive the new wage — working high school students. Take heart, lowly high school student, you too can receive a raise to the level of pay others enjoy. All you need to do is drop out of school. Yes, that’s right. The state legislature has decided to incentivize dropping out of school.

When you see your senator, be sure and thank him or her for disregarding the will of the people and sending a clear message to our students that they are worth more if they aren’t attending school.

Earl Jones


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