Dear Editor,

We commend the Senators of Nebraska for having the courage to repeal the death penalty. These heinous crimes of murder that are committed should get sentences of life without parole. We don’t believe God wanted us to kill people.

We understand why the victims’ families and prosecutors feel that these criminals should die, but what good has this done?

We spend millions of dollars for a number of years on all the appeals these criminals file. We believe this money can be better spent on other things, such as education and maintaining and building better roads, just to name a couple of things.

We understand that some people want to reestablish the death penalty, and the state has even ordered the poisons, but the FDA may not even let them into the country.

We also commend the same Senators for granting immigrants driver’s licenses so then can go to school and get jobs.

Nebraska’s Senators showed courage on both of these issues.

Jim, Pat and Kevin Kriz


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