Editor’s Note — A follow-up Times-Herald article regarding the collection was published with corrected and expanded information on Aug. 26, 2016.


In April of 2015 the trucks rolled into Alliance with a collections of historical artifacts from my father’s estate valued at approximately half a million dollars. The court order was signed in the state of Pennsylvania stating that the collection would be donated to the Sallows Museum in Alliance, Neb. On July 15, 2015, the Alliance Times-Herald interviewed museum personnel and published an article about the collection. They stated: my mother was Margret, her name was Wilma, my father had made arrangements in his will to donate to the Sallows, which he did not, and that he had visited the museum several times, which was incorrect. My cousin had offered to drive him to Alliance, the same cousin from Chadron that tipped the museum off about the collection, and that trip never materialized.

Prior to the court order being executed, I called the museum and was allowed one phone call with a museum staff member. When I called back two days later with more questions I was told that all questions about my father’s estate were to be addressed by my sister’s attorney in Pennsylvania. So, when the trucks pulled out of my father’s driveway, driven by Sallows board members, I stated to the group that I would be coming to Alliance for clarification on the future intensions for the collection. A member of the board stated that, at that time, they would be glad to answer my questions, however, all my efforts to communicate after that remain unsuccessful to date.

Recently I contacted the city council and the mayor requesting to speak at a city meeting and gather information about the collection. I was told that they do not own the collection and that the artifacts are owned by the Sallows Foundation. So, I continued to persue answers and the city attorney finally called me. She assured me that a call would follow from a Sallows board member, which never occurred. Furthermore, involvement from the Attorney General’s offices in Nebraska and Pennsylvania could not promote this organization to produce an inventory or communication with me, the co‐executor of my father’s estate.

So, if anyone has information about the collection donated to the Sallows Museum from the estate of Eugene R. Hanson please contact me (303-278-3499). My father would never have approved of an organization that only communicates with one executor while shutting the other out. Additionally, when you visit the exhibit or observe the antique collection being sold at local venues, remember the circumstances through which this collection was acquired.

Kristine Hanson Kraft

Golden, Colo.

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