I called the chief of police to talk about the parkway in front of people’s homes. Well, he was not there, so I talked to his answering machine.

It is stupid and ridiculous to even suggest taking these parkways away from an extra driveway. These parkways have been there for a long time just like these homes. And some people would put trees or gravel or use them to park a vehicle on. Some homes do not have enough room to park two vehicles in their driveway. And besides, it is a hassle to always move them around, so they use the parkway.

The City and the police don’t take care of them anyway. The people that live in these homes do. Besides, what does it hurt to park there? The vehicle is off the narrow streets. What about these one way streets? If they can’t park on the street or the parkway then where do you suggest we park? Some places don’t have a driveway but there’s a parkway in front of their homes. What are they to do? There are things that are being made in this town that a lot of people don’t like. I understand that something’s got to change to keep up with the times but some things have gone too far.

The police should stay just keeping this town and the people safe, and stop people that are driving around with a cell phone hanging from their ear.

I also called Keep Alliance Beautiful and no one called me back. So I guess the saying is right: the resident in Alliance does not have a say so unless money talks or we are on a City board. I would think the parkway would be under the grandfather. You people on the City board should concentrate on legal stuff and not make things harder on us, the residents.

D.A. Herman


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