Dear Editor,

A few weeks ago, I had requested a face-to-face meeting with J. D. Cox, city manager, to express my personal opinion about the situation with the public transit system. I feel that due to happenings of the past year involving the Senior Services, the Senior Center and the city of Alliance that I would like to see the City and County et al apply, in a joint effort, for the license or contract with NDOR to maintain this vital service for the city of Alliance, Box Butte County and the village of Hemingford residents. I expressed my reasons for my opinion.

Last week I contacted his office to see if there were any developments and was told, by clerical, that the City/County was having a joint meeting this Thursday at 7 a.m. at the Knight Museum and that the City had placed the public transit situation on the agenda. I and others are interested in attending to hear what both boards had to say on this vital issue.

I was disappointed to read in last night’s paper that this item is NOT on the agenda and feel that it was purposely either left out or was removed. I plan on attending and asking that question during public comment. This meeting is an open meeting and although not a public hearing is open for anyone to attend.

Rachel A. Lewis


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