I have a problem with Alliance airport.

Key Lime Air, who used to fly into Alliance every day from Denver, Colo., bringing air-freight to businesses and people in Alliance and surrounding towns every day. They have been here for many years and are based here and were the last airline in Alliance. Now they have to drive the freight to Alliance.

Recent closing of the airport to Key Lime Air is one the dumbest moves I’ve seen by the City of Alliance in recent times. The airport is supposed to be keeping businesses and not running them off. By not calling Key Lime Air and simply asking, “How much runway do you need?” the city has denied them access to the City of Alliance airport and is costing Key Lime Air — and not counting all the businesses Key Lime Air supports —hundreds of thousands of dollars. I know that Heartland Air is losing over $20,000 a month because of this blunder and UPS Air has to take their cargo to Scottsbluff Airport, which is loving this massive blunder by the City of Alliance and are laughing at Alliance and trying to take all this business.

By also shutting down the long runway, which could have been easily worked around, the City of Alliance is also killing off any cross country refuel by long take off planes like BNSF, who probably can’t land here either. This not how you run an airport. You work with people, you accommodate, talk to people, you listen, and you answer your phone.

My suggestion to the City of Alliance is fix this and when people call you, answer your phone! And if they leave a message, call them back and not blow them off. Or give the airport back to the county. They know how to run it.

Steve Guy


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