Parking Issues At Dog Park

The photo being taken just above the entrance to Wiggly Field, there is only one parking space left near the park. From this spot the walk to the park entrance is approximately 200 feet with no sidewalk or handicapped ramp. The only way to get to the park from that parking space is to walk on the road or trudge through the steep grassy hill. As of mid-day Thursday, the grass and weeds exceeded the 12 inch maximum. Between the heavy grass and the slope, that route can be very dangerous to anyone with mobility issues. (Photo by Mychal Wilson)


I am writing in regard to the gentleman who was singled out by a city official in reference to his parking.

This isn’t the way I would treat an individual who means no harm. It doesn’t bode well in portraying our town as the best little town in America.

If parking is the issue, then lets come up with some solutions to give better access to the dog park.

I know when I take my dog I have to worry about traffic and getting out of my vehicle with a large dog that can’t wait to get into the park.

I have seen on occasion small children and pets dart into the street instead of toward the park. I believe the safety of these individuals should be a priority for their protection.

Let’s think about an area off the Butte to park for those who love going to the Doggie Park.

Susan Forsstrom

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