I am sitting at my computer with a very sore throat tonight wondering why Alliance doesn't have a business like Quick Care. Now I have to think about 1) What if it gets worse over the weekend? and 2) Could I end up going to the ER for something that might not (or might be) an emergency?

I know people who visit the ER for things that could easily be handled in an office setting and yet no one can get in to see a doctor on short notice, certainly not within a few days. Last week I wanted to schedule an appointment with my doctor, and the soonest I can see her is JUNE 1st. Really, Alliance? You can't do any better for your community? Is it the hospital or the physician establishment making sure a Quick Care doesn't happen here to help us? Are people being forced into the ER for situations that aren't necessarily life-threatening for the same reason other business opportunities have been thwarted here ... fear of competition?

Anita Ring-Saito

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