Dog Park


Miss Wendie Henderson this is in response to your May 4 letter. Thank you for identifying the purpose and intent of the ADOG group. Part of my problem with this entire overblown affair is that I have also tried for the past 2 ½ years to find out who belonged to the ADOG group so that I could participate in and contribute to that group, to be involved in something that I care deeply about. I finally had to contact the Nebraska Secretary of State to get even a partial answer: Kevin Wilkinson, president, Wendie D. Henderson, secretary, Earl Jones, director and Lorie L Reeh, director.

In paragraph 2 you state “if someone is parking illegally, that is the concern of the Alliance Police Department, not ADOG.” However, here is the quote from Councilman Gonzalez in her response to me on Facebook, “I told you that I was approaching you as a member of the ADOG Board (Alliance Dog Owner’s Group), and I wanted to inform you that you could not park your truck on the grass/dirt”.

In paragraph 3: “I asked her how this group could post rules and regulations …” While I do believe that most of the rules posted by ADOG have merit, I also assumed, as a citizen, that rules and regulations regarding City owned property were ruled on by the City Council. Your response has also informed me that this assumption was not correct.

I also understand that it was not ADOG’s responsibility when the city sprayed for weeds and left toys and balls lying in the grass, but maybe with more members in the group, we could keep a closer eye. The grass was dry but the underneath side of the dog toys were still wet with herbicide. I gathered the toys and washed them, along with the dog pool. When I requested a MSDS sheet and asked why city employees could not pick up items instead of spraying them, I was met with resistance from the city employee responsible for the decision. While it can’t be proven that the herbicide drenched toys and contaminated water source were the cause, one small dog did get sick that day. Just a little planning and forethought could have avoided the issue altogether.

In paragraph 4 you quote “Mr. Bunnell states that on the day we hauled rock at the dog park, there were no ADOG members present.” I stated that I could not identify any of the members mainly because no one had ever responded to my request for the names of the members. I’m just one of the citizens of our hometown who would like to be involved in the maintenance, upkeep, and yes, decision making involving our amazing dog park. Please let this be the start of more transparency in the “governing” of this one facility.

Roger Bunnell


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