When I received Saturday’s paper with the ‘Governor Grilled About Healthcare In Town Hall’ article on the front page, I thought, “Wow! The governor must have really taken it in the teeth during his visit.” With anticipation I read the article, awaiting to hear about this “grilling.” Eleven long paragraphs into the article, I finally read about this “grilling,” if you want to call it that. Let’s just say that the title of the article did not match the content, nor the reality of what actually occurred at the town hall. If I recall correctly, the last time the governor visited Alliance, I read in our paper about some disgruntled person berating the governor about spending taxpayer dollars to come visit Alliance.  Am I the only one concerned about the vice chair of the Box Butte Democratic Party covering the news and writing front page articles about our elected officials of the Republican party? I find it a bit troubling. Is this not a major conflict of interest? Can I expect an unbiased approach to the news in the Alliance Times-Herald? I’d like to think so.

Jeff Schneider Alliance

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