Nos. 1-7 plastics go into the baler between tours at the KAB Recycling Center on Friday, Nov. 15. Visitors enjoyed cookies to celebrate America Recycles Day.

Keep Alliance Beautiful celebrated America Recycles Day, Nov. 15, with an open house at the recycling center. Staff gave tours and we even had cookies!

Not many people stopped by though we were happy to greet local residents who did. Most of our visitors were familiar with the center from bringing their recyclables in on numerous occasions. Our city manager even took time from his busy schedule to stop by and have a treat.

The public is always welcome to stop by with their materials. However, on this day we took the time to show them around and how everything works every day.

Both balers were in operation -- the left had plastic and the right cardboard (as usual). Black trailer containers filled the northern half of the center. We had picked up the larger of the two black and green trailers at the Alliance Plaza that morning. That trailer contains 14 containers for Nos. 1-7 plastic and No. 2 milk jugs. The cardboard pickup truck was parked in the south bay several times to unload from businesses on both sides of town. A couple dozen bins worth, all told.

We are always happy to show you around. Stop by Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-3 p.m. This is how Box Butte County (and beyond) recycles. Once we sort and bale our materials the forklift takes the bales and containers out to a waiting semi-truck trailer. From there it is taken to Ogallala for the majority of what we see at the recycling center. A couple things, such as milk jugs and glass, go elsewhere. All of what comes through our doors, except a little trash, closes the loop to become new consumer products.

The cookies are gone, unfortunately. So, celebrate recycling with us all year long and you can bring us treats anytime. We’ll share and show you where your bottles, bags and boxes go.

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