Ken Moreland wrote a column recently about people he would like to spend time with, both from the past and present. I always enjoy that sort of essay and find myself thinking, “Oh yeah!” or, “And how about…?”

Today, let’s look at the back side of that. A fresh new year brings a lot of possibilities to pursue; chances to avoid regret. You know how we are, always in a hurry, putting things off. Last week you ran into a person you haven’t seen in a while. You were both on the way to somewhere so it was a short encounter, ending with, “We need to get together, maybe have lunch one of these days.” And in the back of your mind is the nagging realization that about a year ago you said the same thing, to the same person.

How much do you care about this friend? Enough to make time in your life to grow the relationship, or is your remark simply a way to escape and go about your business? Let’s begin following up on our promises. How about just saying, “Nice to see you; have a good day,” if this is just a casual acquaintance? If it’s more than that, we need to be accountable. “I have to run, but I’d love to spend some more time with you and catch up. I’ll call you tomorrow and let’s set up a time to meet for lunch.” Be specific. Not just, “Call me and we’ll get together.” You call them, or better yet, make a date on the spot to meet later. Ask yourself this. If my friend were to die, or move away, would I regret the times we could have connected, but didn’t?

We often joke that “Someday” never seems to come.” But Someday is right here, right now. Today is someday.

We all have a pile of “Somedays,” also known as ”One of these days.” At the moment, mine are on the desk and in the mending basket. My husband has several: he’s a collector, of sorts. One is on the library table, another in the corner of the sun room, also on the end table by his recliner.  Oh, and the chair in the bedroom. We won’t even talk about the garage because, although his side is messier, mine has way too many boxes that we might need—you never know. And the seat covers I got him for Christmas, but it’s been too cold to put them on. No, let’s be honest here, we’ve had plenty of warmer than seasonal days, but we spent them running around, or on the computer.

Our lives would be a lot simpler if we lived like we truly believed that more somedays are not guaranteed. Hang it up when you take it off. Wipe it down when you put it away; take it to the recycle bin if you’re done with it. Stop kidding yourself, and pass along those clothes you know you will never fit into again; someone out there really needs them. The payoff is that you’ll have time to keep those promises to hang out with friends.

Gotta run now, I’ll be in the garage dealing with those boxes. Meet me here next week, and if you see me on the street ask me if someday has arrived yet. I’ll buy the coffee while you listen to my excuses.

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