Taco Johns of Alliance, owned by Don and Dorothy Berg, has been recycling their cardboard for at least six years according to General Manager Danielle Prelle.

Employees break down boxes and put them in a shed to await pickup by Keep Alliance Beautiful.

“We keep it out of our landfill,” Prelle said, describing why recycling is important. “You can reuse stuff instead of putting it in the landfill.”

Taco Johns does not advertise their practice. “We’re not going to tell every single customer,” she said. “Would have to check with corporate to put signs up.”

Prelle said recycling really doesn’t benefit the business. “We used to just throw them in the trash,” she explained. “We feel better about recycling than throwing them in the trash.”

She was unsure what else could be recycled. Tin cans and plastic oil containers are a possibility of additional items they may leave for KAB workers. “We’re not going to go through the trash for the cups customers throw away,” Prelle said.

Prelle noted they are using to go bags that are from recycled materials.

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