While attending the Keep America Beautiful 2020 National Conference preliminary insights were shared on the National Public Attitude Survey.

Presenters shared preliminary data from 1,145 adults surveyed. Ninety percent believe litter is a problem in their state. As to why people litter, more than 60 percent don’t care about the effects of litter. The presenters noted this is in line with previous research. They said you have seen people litter when: no trashcan nearby, it is a cigarette butt or the area is already littered.

They said, concerning local Keep America Beautiful Affiliates, “People to some degree get what we’re doing. We’re under-reporting what we’re doing. Too much of what we’re doing is not making enough noise.”

Litter was one of the issues addressed by Felicia Van Dyke from Keep Hamilton (Ontario, Canada) Beautiful. The community has more than half a million people. She said they have problems with graffiti, illegal dumping and litter. They have groups that focus on different areas that are driven to make a change in their neighborhoods. The Hamilton affiliate distributes $500 and $1,000 grants to help make those changes happen. Van Dyke noted program benefits include relationship building, ability to offer in-kind support and fill in funding gaps. Looking forward they are learning from grant recipients, reporting back, bringing volunteer recognition, and creating a bridge between community groups and the city. “If you don’t know who you want to work with it’s that much more difficult.”

Keep Alliance Beautiful and the dozens of other local affiliates in attendance were asked “How do you connect community members to local resources?”

For information on community beautification or recycling local residents are encouraged to stop by the Keep Alliance Beautiful office on the second floor of the Bank of the West building at Third and Box Butte or call 762-1729.

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