The amount of materials being recycled in Box Butte County has been increasing from year to year. How do we know? Everything is weighed before being loaded into a semi trailer and shipped out of the Keep Alliance Beautiful Recycling Center. Bales of cardboard are jotted down before being stacked. Each can and newspaper adds up to tons as the weeks go by.

Residents can help streamline the process by following a few recommendations. We at the recycling center appreciate the help and it makes our job easier.

Items placed in the Alliance trailers at the Alliance Plaza and between Dollar General and Pizza Hut as well as the Hemingford location near the public schools should be loose, except for shredded paper -- please bag that. This helps us in moving materials to larger bins for transport and to the bailers.

Take time to empty and rinse bottles and clean food containers. Bottles partly full have to be emptied and dirty containers are thrown away.

Our curbside program has been successful with new residents joining all the time. We sort the bags and materials putting each in its place. If contents are separated in smaller bags within the larger can liner that saves time on our end. If that is not convenient we understand. Clean and dry materials help as well.

Milk jugs have their own bins at the trailers and we bale and transport these separately from the rest of the Nos. 1-7 plastics.

Also we treat cardboard and fiber individually. We like to see the large cardboard trailer full of broken down boxes. Paper towel tubes, cereal boxes, egg cartons, etc. are examples of fiber (paperboard) for the trailer bins.

Check to see if your cans are steel or aluminum. This can be tricky. Pet food containers are steel though they may look like aluminum. Some juice also comes in steel cylinders.

We do our best to empty the trailers as they fill up. If we have not picked it up yet you are welcome to drop by the recycling center. Again, sorted items are always appreciated.

The local community’s effort is commendable. Every bottle we see is one more piece that does not end up in the landfill. It all adds up. Keep up the good work!

For questions call the KAB office at 762-1729, the recycling center at 763-1410 or stop by our south door in the 100 block of Cheyenne Ave.

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