United Parcel Service (UPS) employs about 30 people in Alliance. “Brown” is 112 years old and always adapting with the times. Keep Alliance Beautiful Executive Director Kathryn Worley is also the local sort supervisor at UPS. She introduced recycling there four years ago. Corporate recently added a water bottle filling station.

A clear stream frame holds a large plastic bag for glass and plastic bottles and aluminum cans. “Part of the safety plan is to keep drivers hydrated,” Worley explained. “They drink a variety of beverages throughout the day and bring the containers. We save bottle caps separately.” The mechanic saves boxes and KAB picks up the cardboard.

The company added the bottle filler to its water fountain. It keeps count of how many bottles are saved and tells when to change the filter. “They seem to be using it quite a bit,” Worley said, noting about 250 bottles have been spared in the past two months.

Concerning the importance of being green, Worley said, “I think every little bit matters. We’re a small staff, but it counts toward the bigger picture. Those habits they have at work can go home with them. Maybe other UPSes and other businesses will see what we’re doing and be on board.”

Encouraging her coworkers to recycle was easy, Worley noted. “All we had to do was put the container there,” she commented. “If you give people the choice between trash and recycling they will overwhelmingly choose recycling.”

Worley has been at UPS for six years. “For me, being director here (KAB) and supervisor there (UPS) -- the two jobs go together really well.”

On the national level, UPS is a corporate partner for Keep America Beautiful.

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