The week of March 15, 2020, the Keep Alliance Beautiful Recycling Center closed due to precautions taken with the COVID-19 Global Pandemic. While writing this Monday, March 23, we are in the middle of what was planned to be a two-week closure. While we are not fully staffed as this column appears I am asking our community’s faithful recyclers to bear with us.

Like many business sites we come into contact with the public on a regular basis and sought to eliminate that interaction to help slow the spread of the virus. Unfortunately this has meant limited access for people hoping to drop off their materials and limiting of our other services. That means no cardboard pickup and limited emptying of the trailers in Alliance and Hemingford. During the closure, however, we continue to serve our curbside customers with the regular pickup every two weeks.

As the trailers fill up I encourage residents to stockpile their recyclables. Do not leave bags by the full trailers or the recycling center. I know space in the home or garage may be of a premium, but if it’s available store a few bags of bottles, cans or paper. We will be glad to accept them at the recycling center when the doors open again or just try the trailers again in a few days to see if they have been emptied.

It may take us a little while to catch up, so we appreciate your patience.

If our closure is longer than originally expected, I hope it does not shake the local public’s faith in helping the environment through recycling. We are doing what we can to help facilitate the process. In the meantime stay safe.

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