AMS Group Wins KAB Video Contest

AMS Group Wins KAB Video Contest

By Jessica Hare

KAB Education Coordinator

This spring, Keep Alliance Beautiful once again held a video contest for Box Butte County students in grades 6-12. We asked that the video answered the question “How will I end littering?” and that it did so in a way that was inspiring, informative, educational, creative, and optimistic. We asked that the video be no more than one minute long.

We recieved eight entries which we posted on Facebook for a community vote. Students at the Alliance Recreation Center’s after school program also viewed the videos and submitted their votes. A group from the Alliance Middle School consisting of Lucas Smith, Peyton Kindred, Bailey Stark, and Melissa Brungard was selected as the winner.

As prizes, the group received t-shirts provided by Shelmadine Print Shop, gift certificates for a free pizza provided by Sam and Louie’s, and gift certificates to the Alliance Theater. In addition, their video will be played as a KAB advertisement at the Alliance Theater for a month.

KAB would like to thank the Shelmadine Print Shop, Sam and Louie’s, and the Alliance Theater for sponsoring this contest. We would also like to thank AMS media teacher Ryan Province for encouraging his students to enter.

Be sure to look watch for the video the next time you visit the Alliance Theater!