Bands on the Bricks 2018

Live bands will be returning to the bricks this Friday for the fourth year of Bands on the Bricks. The annual summer event has continued to grow in popularity not only with citizens of Alliance, but also the surrounding areas.

Last year’s Bands on the Bricks events during the eclipse shattered the previous attendance records. Many locals noticed the excitement that visitors had for the event, which led to an overwhelming feeling of pride.

It was no surprise that on Friday evenings last year, the 200 block of Box Butte, now known as The Iron Horse District, was the place to be for good music and fun for everyone.

This year will be slightly different in that there will be a band taking to the bricks on Friday and Saturday night during Heritage Days weekend and then the last event will be in Hemingford for “Bands on the Butte” on Friday, August 3.

The Iron Horse District presents Bands on the Bricks as part of the Box Butte Development Corporation. BBDC announced that in February they contracted Elizabeth Fritzler as the new event coordinator.

“Bands on the Bricks is something that my family and I have enjoyed. I think it’s growing. Every year it seems like more and more people are seeing just how cool this event really is. I’m looking forward,” said Fritzler.

This year’s dates and lineup:

July 6 – Crossroad Station

July 13 – DD & the Fayroh’s

July 20 - Joey Leone’s Chop Shop

July 21 – Loaded Dice

July 27 – 35th & Taylor

August 3 – The Cold Hard Cash Show – in Hemingford.

“I think we have a really good line up of concerts this year. I was shooting for a good variety. There’s a ton of bands out there and I’ve had so many people reach out to me so I’ve met a lot of new people and I’m establishing those connection. I feel like next year will be a lot easier because I was just kind of thrown into this. My two favorites personally are the last two, but I’m excited for them all,” said Fritzler.

The band playing at the show in Hemingford is a Johnny Cash tribute band that Fritzler has heard many of times.

She said, “I want to really encourage the Alliance residents to get up there for it. This is probably our best show, the band is on their way to play in Sturgis.”

That show will be Friday night before fair week. Table Top Meats and Hometown Heroes will have food available and as always people are encouraged to bring their chairs.

Volunteers are needed to help setup, tear down, and watch the gates for all of the dates. These events are all family friendly, but alcohol is available for purchase with a valid I.D. There will be no outside food or drink allowed in. Sam and Louie’s will have a booth set up during the Alliance shows.

“I know people enjoy this event but it takes a lot to put this event on. We want to make sure that we can continue having it,” said Fritzler. “A lot of people don’t understand what this event costs and what it costs for these bands.”

Not only do they have to pay for the band to play, but they must also cover travel expenses and whatever demands the band requires.

This free concert series would not be possible without business sponsorships and the support of the community.

“This should be an event that makes money and we should be able to grow each year. If we could get some businesses to do some fundraising events for Bands on the Bricks that would be great. It promotes your business as well so it’s a win/win for everybody,” said Fritzler.

Although it is important for local businesses to sponsor the event, it is also important for members of the community to help if possible.

“I’d like to encourage the community members and the people that attend the event to donate. With a $100 minimum donation you’ll get a t-shirt. As people personally, if you enjoy this, donate. A hundred bucks for six free concerts all summer, that’s nothing. Even if it’s $10 or $20, that helps. If this is something that we want to continue as a community then everybody needs to support it. We’ll have donation buckets at the gates or come talk to me,” said Fritzler. “It’s so important for the entire community to support this. Not just the businesses, but the whole community.”

As for this Friday’s band Crossroad Station. According to their website they are a SMG Records Nashville recording artist. This band has been “developing their brand of against the grain, boot to the mouth, country music for fans since 2010. These Ohio boys have blended many deep-rooted country, rock and blues, influences to craft their own unique guitar driven sound that can instantly be recognized. Their live shoes are full of emotions, energy, stories, and gratitude.”

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