In Box Butte County District Court on Wednesday, Jan. 23, two men took plea deals in two separate assault cases involving pregnant women. 

Carlos Washington, who was initially charged with strangulation, a class 3A felony, and third degree domestic assault of a pregnant woman, with a prior conviction, a class 3 felony, pleaded guilty to the reduced charge of third degree domestic assault, a class 1 misdemeanor. 

According to the Affidavit of Probable Cause, the mother of Washington’s unborn child filed a report with the Alliance Police Department detailing an assault that occurred on Sept. 13, 2018 at their residence on Emerson Avenue. 

The woman told officers that she and Washington had been in a relationship for about one year. According to the document, the victim accused Washington of choking her with one hand. 

“(She) advised she could still breathe, however, it was ‘difficult’ and she was unable to talk,” the document stated. 

Washington then allegedly pinned her against the door to their laundry room before picking her up and throwing her into the dining room. She told officers that, when she landed in the dining room, she injured her left knee. 

According to the affidavit, Washington then stood over her and slapped her twice in the face. Photos were taken of the victim’s knee, which showed “significant bruising.” 

Washington has had two prior convictions for third degree domestic assault: one in 2005 and another in 2009. 

District Court Judge Travis O’Gorman ordered a presentence investigation in the case, and set sentencing in March. 

In a separate case, Manuel Rosales agreed to take a plea deal, reducing his charges to misdemeanors. 

Initially, Rosales was charges with third degree domestic assault of a pregnant woman, a class 3A felony, and false imprisonment, a class 1 misdemeanor. As part of a plea agreement, Rosales pleaded no contest to the reduced charges of third degree domestic assault, a class 1 misdemeanor, and false imprisonment, a class 1 misdemeanor. 

The charge against Rosales arises from an incident that took place on Aug. 15, 2018. At approximately 6:37 p.m., officers from the Alliance Police Department were dispatched to the 300 block of Potash Avenue to respond to a call involving a pregnant woman allegedly being assaulted by her boyfriend. 

According to the Probable Cause Affidavit, the victim called the police while the incident was occurring; however, the call was disconnected. 

Dispatchers were able to provide information to the officers about the victim after cross-referencing the phone number. 

Officers made contact with the victim, who was nine-months pregnant at the time of the assault. The officers determined the victim’s boyfriend, who allegedly assaulted her, was also the father of her unborn child. The woman’s boyfriend was identified as Manuel Rosales. 

According to the affidavit, the woman told officers that Rosales had punched her in the legs multiple times while he was on the phone with the mother of another of his children.  

She advised officers that Rosales struck her left thigh twice and her left thigh once. The officer observed swelling and discoloration on the victim’s left thigh. 

The woman also told officers that Rosales had backhanded her stomach, as well as punched her in the stomach. At the time of the assault, the woman’s other minor children were in the room, watching it unfold. 

According to the affidavit, the victim attempted to leave the apartment; however, Rosales allegedly locked the door and refused to let her leave. She then ran into the bathroom to call 911. While in the bathroom, Rosales locked her in. 

Rosales was taken into custody that day and initially booked on the charges of third degree domestic assault, child abuse and second degree false imprisonment. 

Judge O’Gorman also ordered a presentence investigation be compiled for Rosales, and set a date for his sentencing in March. 

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