Two Sentenced in Box Butte County Jail Assault

Two Sentenced in Box Butte County Jail Assault


News Director

Two men were sentenced recently for an assault that occurred in the Box Butte County Jail in December 2018; one was sentenced in District Court, and the other was sentenced in Box Butte County Court.

Tyson Lewis appeared before District Court Judge Travis O’Gorman where he took a plea agreement, reducing the charge against him from second degree assault, a class 2A felony, to third degree assault, a class 1 misdemeanor.

After Lewis pleaded guilty to the charge, Deputy County Attorney Larry Miller recited the details of the case, noting that on Dec. 3, 2018, a fight occurred in the Box Butte County Jail.

“Lewis stepped inside an inmate’s cell and started an argument,” Miller said. “The inmate threw a right that connected with the defendant, and Mr. Lewis fought back.”

Miller explained that he believes the felony charge was too severe for the incident, noting it was more of a “fight by mutual consent.”

Lewis’ attorney Jon Worthman recognized that his client did fight back during the incident. He said the other person who was involved in the fight was Maximiliano Loera, and that he was recently sentenced in county court on a misdemeanor charge.

In County Court, Loera took a plea agreement, pleading guilty to assault by mutual consent, a class 2 misdemeanor. He was sentenced to serve seven days in jail, but was given credit for eight days served.

Judge O’Gorman sentenced Lewis to serve 14 days in jail, with credit for 30 days served.