Two Sentenced in Assault Cases

Each Receives Jail Time


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Manuel Rosales and Carlos Washington are now in jail after receiving sentences in their cases where they took plea agreements reducing their charges.

In Rosales’ case, he was initially charged with third degree domestic assault of a pregnant woman, a class 3A felony, and false imprisonment, a class 1 misdemeanor. As part of a plea agreement, Rosales pleaded no contest to the reduced charge of third degree domestic assault, a class 1 misdemeanor, and to false imprisonment.

According to the Affidavit for Custody, the charges arose from an incident in August 2018, where a woman, who was nine months pregnant, called law enforcement, advising she was being assaulted. The phone call was disconnected shortly thereafter.

Officers made contact with the woman and her two children as they were walking back to an apartment. She told the officer the father of her unborn child, Rosales, had punched her in the legs multiple times while he was on the phone with the mother of his other children—twice on her left thigh and once on her right thigh.

Officers observed discoloration and swelling on her left thigh. She also told the officers that Rosales had backhanded her in the stomach. When she attempted to leave the apartment, Rosales locked the door and refused to let her leave. She ran to the bathroom to call 911, and Rosales locked her in the bathroom.

At Rosales’ sentencing on Monday, Jon Worthman, Rosales’ attorney, explained that the reduced charges in the plea agreement were justified.

“This seems like a serious case, but when the facts came out, it seems like an appropriate plea. It is what it is,” said Worthman.

District Court Judge Travis O’Gorman sentenced Rosales to serve 60 days in jail for each charge to run concurrent. Rosales was given credit for three days served.

“You do have a prior criminal record. It seems you can’t control your anger in relationships. I’m disappointed in the lack of responsibility you took for your actions,”

Judge O’Gorman said. In Washington’s case, he was initially charged with third degree domestic assault of a pregnant woman, with a prior conviction, a class 3 felony. As part of a plea agreement, Washington pleaded guilty to the reduced charge of third degree domestic assault, a class 1 misdemeanor.

The charge arose from an incident in September 2018, according to the Affidavit for Custody. The mother of Washington’s unborn child contacted law enforcement and told them Washington had choked her with a single hand. She told officers he had pinned her against a door before picking her up and throwing her into the dining room, causing her left knee to be injured.

Washington then stood over her and slapped her twice in the face, she told officers. Washington has been convicted twice of third degree domestic assault, with the first conviction coming in 2005 and the second in 2009.

During sentencing, Washington’s attorney, Jon Worthman, told Judge O’Gorman the case was different from Rosales’ case.

“I’m not sure that Mr. Washington lacks remorse so much as the facts were different than they were reported. I don’t think the facts lend themselves to the charge,” Worthman said. Judge O’Gorman sentenced Washington to serve 30 days in jail, receiving credit for one day served.

“You have a long history of assaultive behavior,” said Judge O’Gorman. “I think a jail sentence is appropriate.”

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