Times-Herald Moves Forward as Weekly Publication

Set to Launch Several New Projects

The Alliance Times-Herald is ending its Saturday publication as the media company shifts its focus to other projects in an effort to bring people an even better product, serving the community as a whole.

The family-owned publication is working on several new projects that it will launch in the coming months that will bring a new age of news coverage and advertising opportunities to Box Butte County.

News Director Shaun Friedrichsen said the decision was not an easy one to make, but that he is looking forward to the new direction the Times-Herald is heading.

“It’s never an easy choice to make, but being a small, family-owned media company, we need to look at ways to adapt and continue to improve on what we do. The industry is seeing this trend, with many publications either shifting to one publication a week, or having already done so. This move will allow us to focus on creating a better product overall as well as to implement other changes and unveil some new and exciting things. Great things are happening at the Alliance Times-Herald as we continue to forge the path ahead,” Friedrichsen said.

Current subscribers will have the remainder of their subscription doubled as new subscription rates are set to take effect on June 5.

The staff at the Alliance Times-Herald encourages people to continue watching the publication as it prepares to launch new projects. The Times-Herald is grateful for the support the community has shown throughout the years and is looking forward to continue playing a strong role in the community.

“At the Times-Herald, we work hard to bring people unique and in-depth stories of issues that matter to Alliance and Box Butte County,” said Friedrichsen. “We’re at the school board meetings, as well as on the sidelines of games, all in an effort to keep people informed and to record history as it happens. That’s our job as journalists, to help keep people up to date on information that affects them. I can’t wait to unveil everything that we’ve been working on, because I know it will make a difference in the community.”

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