Seniors Receive Awards at Reception

By ERICA CHIPPERFIELD, Alliance Times Herald

The senior reception celebrating the graduates was held on Wednesday at noon. The presentation began with a slideshow, showcasing all of the graduates with a current photo of them and a baby picture. Then awards voted on by the senior class were presented, as a fun way to end their school days. The awards were as follows: Best Style, Hannah Middleton and Corbin Stark; Class Clown, Grayson Febry and Ryley Rolls; Kindest Classmate, Tanner Holten and Katelyn Nunes; Most Athletic, Mason Hiemstra and Ryley Rolls; Most Changed Since Freshman Year, Emme Grant and Jake Ackerman; Most Creative, Angel Valdez and Ory Trout; Best Artist, Uriah Little Hoop and Ben Nollette; Best Car, Jovannie Gomez and Madilyn Garza; Best Cook, Keaton Cottrell and Elise Stoike; Best Computer Techs, Keaton Cottrell and Jensen Curtiss; Best Dancer, Tristan Bleisch and Luxie West; Best Dressed, Jake Ackerman and Madilyn Garza; Most Likely to Win the Lottery but Lose the Ticket, Reeese Jensen and Shaylee Cook; Most Helpful, Jayden Bauer and Brielle Alwin; Most Inspirational Zac Placek and Madison Gibson; Most Likely to Succeed Zac Placek and Jensen Curtiss; Most Organized, Eric Pollack and Rachel Baker; Most Outgoing, McClain Adamson and EC Weare; Most School Spirit, McClain Adamson and Madison Gibson; Best Eyes, Boone Wilson and Jayci Dvorak; Best Laugh, Salvador Valdez and Emersen Cyza; Best Listner, EJ Gomez and Brielle Alwin; Best Personality, Diana Acosta and Cade Stephenson; Best Smile, Reece Jensen and Megan Oligmueller. Following the awards refreshments were served in the PAC Commons. and then the seniors checked out for the very last time, at 2:30 p.m. they toured the the other schools in their graduation caps, giving high fives to the younger students as a final farewell to their school days. Graduation is this Sunday May 12, 2019 at 2 p.m. at Bulldog Stadium.