Sara Moscrip

Editor’s Note — This is the first in an occasional series on RSVP volunteers.


RSVP volunteers are found throughout the community. Dozens of senior and retired residents spend hours everywhere from the entrance at Carnegie Arts Center to baking cookies for receptions. Some volunteers have been serving for years and others joined a year ago or less.

Sara Moscrip has been volunteering through RSVP for about a year. She often donates time at the Alliance Senior Center. “They call whenever somebody needs some time off, for incompetent help,” she joked. She helps during lunch either serving or in the kitchen. Delivering Meals on Wheels occasionally is another food-related contribution.

Concerning the existence of the program, Moscrip said she’s always known about it. She took Tai Chi at the Senior Center and knew about its various activities.

Moscrip is familiar with everything in Alliance, having lived here since second grade. Her daughter lives here and she has a son in Michigan. Moscrip’s husband passed away from a lung transplant.

Many people know her from one or more of her jobs. Moscrip worked 27 years at Box Butte General Hospital as well as Good Samaritan. She recently retired after 23 years at the post office. Moscrip said she knows a lot of people that she cared for at the hospital or Good Sam, or their relatives. Her “big hobby” is exercising at the Cardio Connection. Reading is another hobby and she likes to cook.

No real favorite stands out for Moscrip, everywhere she volunteers have pluses. For Meals on Wheels she has had to get the individuals “out of a sticky situation,” such as a fall. She usually splits the list with another driver and they each handle half the route, or 25-30 people.

At the senior center, Moscrip said the diners like a lot of company in the dining room. “In the kitchen they tell me what to do and I do it,” she said.

The seniors who fill the tables are appreciative of the meals and like most of the food. There are people, who, “turn up their noses at fish and liver,” she said.

Much of Moscrip’s volunteer time comes on demand. She takes people to doctor appointments once in a while. The individual may be able to drive themselves there though not back home after their eyes were dilated at the optometrist, for instance.

Moscrip is on the list at the senior center and even signed up for Handy Man services if she needs them.

Even without a regular schedule, Moscrip said, “There is always something to volunteer for.” People she helps are very appreciative. “At the dining room you’ll be doing something and they say, ‘Glad you came.’ All real friendly.”

Not only does Moscrip know many people in Alliance, she has no problem finding Meals on Wheels address. She was a mail carrier for eight years, also serving as a substitute required to know all the routes.

Moscrip enjoys volunteering through RVSP yet is not looking too far ahead. She will take the opportunities as they come and help whenever needed.

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