RSVP staff has a friendly challenge for area residents. Each January, RSVP staff and volunteers participate in a MLK Community Food Drive. The idea is to perform an “act of service” in honor of the memory of Martin Luther King Jr.

The act of service we choose is to conduct a food drive that will restock the shelves of local food pantries that are depleted from holiday demand. The food collected will be donated to local Food Pantries. The hope is to replenish food pantries so they will have supplies available for the immediate hunger but also to have food available in the event of an emergency.

RSVPinvites and challenges people to donate nonperishable food items and/or to conduct their own mini food drive for the week of Jan. 16-25. Staff will pick up your donated food items and add them to the overall collection.

Call RSVP 762-1293 for information about how to make a difference.

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