ALLIANCE — Last year’s Spring Musical was a hit with the community, “Peter Pan” being the selected title. This year, Director Christina Kloch and Assistant Director Mike Garcia selected a Roald Dahl classic novel, “James and the Giant Peach,” for similar reasons as they chose “Peter Pan.” Garcia explained, “Last year, we went with the fantasy, fun, kid-oriented one. It was so well received that we decided to take the same approach again. Just looking at the kids that we have and the way they act and sing, we decided this would be a good choice.”

Kloch explained how she and Garcia selected the cast through an audition process. Each were to sing and read some lines from the play, then also to fill out a form of their individual interests.

Monday night from 7 to 9 p.m. was spent practicing the musical. Cast members worked through their lines and routine, their actions reiterating Kloch’s later comments about everyone working well together. Though there were distractions occasionally, as with any work-in-progress, the cast and crew seemed to have a blast in the process — cracking jokes and breaking into dance in less serious moments of the musical’s construction. Cynthia Horn, accompanying practice sessions on the piano, proved crucial in the musical’s development, serving as an important key to queuing the cast on their next line or action.

“This is a good family play. It’s from the same author as ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,’ so if you enjoyed that, you’ll enjoy ‘James and the Giant Peach.’ The kids do a great job of bringing the characters to life,” Kloch added.

The cast is as follows: Grace Tolstedt as James, Darian Wilson as Ladahlord, Bailey Alwin as Spiker, Mackenzie Broderick as Sponge, Brielle Alwin as Spider, Paul Martini as Grasshopper, Bailey Johnson as Ladybug, Caleb Garcia as Earthworm, Tristan Bleisch as Centipede, and Cherokee Purviance as Matron Nurse.

Kat Kuzmic, Sarah Steele, Aubrey Garret, Diana Kollars, Jayden Moomey, Stephen Reid, Marvin Canitz, Calysta Trevino, Brianna Krebs, and Mareesa Buskirk as the Zoo Crowd; Brittany Morgan as Karl Kreatour; Sarah Steele, Mareesa Buskirk, and Aubrey Garret as Vagrants; Briana Krebs and Stephen Reid as Woman and Man on Boardwalk; Jayden Moomey as Billy Bobby-Cop and Marven Canitz as Bobby Bobby-Cop.

Crew is comprised of eight students: Camden Garcia, Jensen Curtis, Dante Lembrecht, Da’Nautica Thomas, Autumn Hoff, Maggie Hoff, Jasmin Burri, and Jordan Vaughn.

Tickets cost $4 for students and $6 for adults at the door. The musical will run on Thursday, April 12; Friday, April 13; and Saturday; April 14 — each beginning at 7 p.m.