Rex’s Hamburgers

*Editor’s Note: This article by Aiden Bolek is the latest in a series from the seventh grade class of Laurie Gould, Language Arts teacher at St. Agnes Academy.

In May of 2018, the sixth grade (now seventh grade) went to Dobby's Frontier Town. This year I am writing an article about it. Each person wrote about a particular place they liked. For me I was interested in Rex’s Hamburgers.

In Rex’s early age, he was serving as deputy county clerk in Buffalo County when a friend offered for him to purchase a hamburger shop in Alliance. Rex decided to purchase his 12x20 building located on 112 Box Butte here in Alliance. In just a few days he was able to succeed in borrowing enough money from Chase E. Brittan from the First State Bank. He lost no time in changing the sign on top of the shop to read "Rex’s Hamburgers."

He worried that he could not produce a living selling hamburgers, but he was very successful. Once he sold about 3,000 hamburgers in one day when there was a big celebration in town.

Starting in 1927, he sold coffee for 5 cents. He said, “The customers will be thanking me since I figure it cost about 6.4 cents with the price of the cup and the sugar and cream.” The one strange fact about Rex was he never put ketchup on his hamburgers but, he did use his famous mustard sauce.

If I lived back when Rex served these hamburgers I would have loved to go eat there. It would be really neat seeing how he served and how he made his delicious hamburgers.     

When we went to Dobby’s I was very intrigued by how Rex’s building looked inside. It wasn't very big, but I liked the size of the little building. Maybe when I get older it would be fun to run a little shop like Rex’s place. I bet anyone in town would love the idea of an old-time restaurant coming back.

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