Rasmussen Accused of Stalking, Exposing Himself to Postal Worker



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Alan Rasmussen is facing multiple misdemeanor charges in Box Butte County Court after being accused of stalking and exposing himself to a U.S. Postal worker.

According to the Affidavit and Application for Arrest Warrant, in July an employee of the Postal Service contacted the Alliance Police Department, reporting that a man, identified as Rasmussen, 65, of Alliance, drove by the victim, and “used his thumb and forefinger to point at the victim in the shape of a gun and gestured as if he dropped the hammer.”

A coworker of the victim reported seeing Rasmussen at the Alliance Post Office, appearing “to perform an unnecessarily thorough inspection of the premises, including looking in the windows of mail delivery vehicles and loitering in the back of the lobby, watching employees move through the back rooms.”

On Aug. 1, an officer with the Alliance Police Department observed Rasmussen open his window coverings as the victim walked past his residence in the performance of their employment duties, and exposed himself through the window.

The following day, according to the Affidavit, an officer arrived at the residence before the victim was set to arrive, and observed Rasmussen to be unclothed and peeking out his window. When the victim walked by, Rasmussen exposed himself to the victim.

On both days, the officer observed Rasmussen “make a gun shape with his thumb and forefinger” and aim it at the victim as they walked by.

The Alliance Post Office, according to the Affidavit, has “gone to the extent of stopping (Rasmussen’s) home mail service, but despite measures, (Rasmussen) continues to expose himself to the victim.

The U.S. Postal worker noted that throughout the course of the past five years, Rasmussen has been exposing himself while they delivered mail.

The victim informed the officer that no other Postal Service employees have experienced the behavior displayed by Rasmussen.

Rasmussen was arrested, and faces the charges of stalking, a class 1 misdemeanor, third degree assault, a class 1 misdemeanor, and public indecency, a class 2 misdemeanor.

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