Q & A with RNs from BBGH


Nurses deserve to be celebrated for more than one week out of the year. But they didn’t go into healthcare to be praised. They do it to help others. Read four unique perspectives from Box Butte General Hospital colleagues on why they love serving others.

Connie Drew RN, BSN Special Services (referenced as CD), Shayleen Behm a current nursing student (referenced as SBe), Shelby Wodke RN, BSN Emergency Department (referenced as SW), and Sally Bryner APRN-BC, FNP, CLC (referenced as SBr) share their stories:

How long have you been an RN?

CD: I have been an RN, BSN for 30 years this month.

SBe: I am a student at UNMC and will graduate with my RN in May of 2020.

SW: 4 years.

SBr: 19 years.

What’s one word you’d use to describe a nurse?

CD: Caring.

SB: Resilient.

SW: Diligent.

SBr: Compassionate.

What do you love about your job/being a RN?

CD: I love all the opportunities available to make someone else’s life better.

SB: The internal growth every shift to learn and adapt in order to provide the best possible care.

SW: I love that I get to take care of people in all walks of life; giving them my best effort during their worst day.

SBr: Being able to help and care for people.

When did you realize this was your calling?

CD: In high school I discovered I wanted to make a difference in other people’s lives. I was a nurse assistant in high school and college.

SB: I have always had an innate desire to care for others, but I knew that I was destined to be a nurse after working as a CNA. I went home each day with a strong sense of purpose which sent me on a path to gaining more knowledge in hopes of impacting more people through the course of my career.

SW: I was born and raised in Alliance and moved to Lincoln at 17 to start my undergraduate college classes- at this point I had known for years that healthcare was my calling.

SBr: When I was about 10 I knew I either wanted to be a nurse or a vet.

What’s your background/how did you get to where you are today?

CD: After graduating from nursing school I worked on a surgical unit and helped open the telemetry unit at the old Bryan Hospital in Lincoln. I moved to North Platte to work in the ICU, then Fremont in a nursing home before returning. I moved to Scottsbluff before coming here [BBGH] in April of 2005. I worked night shift for five years before making the move to Special Services. Now I do the hospital’s quality core measures, patient follow-up calls to all patients who were in the PCU or OPS, and take call. Being an RN, BSN helps me be familiar with the diagnosis, terminology, and treatment of patients. I can also help patients understand their medications and how to manage at home.

SBe: I have spent most of my life in Alliance. I left in 2015 to go to school at Chadron State College and now commute from Alliance to Scottsbluff to attend UNMC in pursuit of my Nursing degree.

SW: Through college I worked at Biotest Pharmaceuticals as a phlebotomist. Upon graduating I moved back home and attended nursing school at UNMC in Scottsbluff, and worked as a clerk in the ED at BBGH at that time. Through my experience working in the ED as a clerk, I was able to observe all that an ER nurse does. I watched some of the most compassionate people give the best care to patients. I hoped that someday I would be part of BBGH’s ED team!

SBr: I started as a nurse’s aide at Good Samaritan Nursing Home in high school and some of my college years while I was attending RN school. I also worked at RWMC as an aide while going to school. After graduating with my BSN I started working for BBGH. I have since worked at BBGH, and after several years of experience, decided to return to school to obtain my Master’s degree and Nurse Practitioner. I felt this would give me better opportunity to serve my community and patients.

Please help us celebrate nurses (and future nurses) for all they do day after day, month after month, and year after year without recognition.