Weber Faces New Felony Charges

Weber Faces New Felony Charges

Accused of Planning to Sacrifice People, Puppy



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The charges are adding up for Patrick Weber as an additional case against him was filed from an incident in which he was allegedly planning to sacrifice two people and a puppy.

According to the Affidavit for Custody, officers with the Alliance Police Department were dispatched to a residence in the 500 block of Grand Avenue on July 24 after a man identified as Patrick Weber, 44, of Hemingford, was believed “to have taken a puppy to go sacrifice it.”

When the officer arrived, they found Weber on the north side of the residence in a bath towel. Weber informed the officer he intended to take a bath and denied the “allegations of sacrificing a puppy.”

Later, officers made contact with someone who was in a relationship with one of Weber’s relatives, who told the officer that Patrick was beating on the doors and a window at their residence, “threatening to kick the dog’s face in because (they were) a child of the devil.”

The person informed the officer that Weber also wanted the individual’s parent to come out of the residence, “because they (both) needed to be sacrificed because they are sinners.”

Weber was taken into custody. He now faces four counts of making terroristic threats, each a class 3A felony, and abandoning or cruelly neglecting an animal, a class 1 misdemeanor.

This most recent case raises the number of cases against Weber in court to three. In the first case filed against Weber, he is accused of making terroristic threats, a class 3A felony, use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony, and disturbing the peace, a class 3 misdemeanor. According to the Affidavit for Custody filed in this case, on July 5, law enforcement officers received multiple reports that a man, later identified as Patrick Weber, was “driving ‘crazy across the front lawn’” of the Box Butte County Courthouse. Employees at the courthouse were requested to protect themselves by shutting the doors to their offices as Weber had reportedly entered the courthouse carrying a weapon: a 33 inch Stihl brand Hookaroon with a three inch spike.

Law enforcement officers located Weber on the second floor of the courthouse, “preaching Biblical references and stating law enforcement was ‘worthy of redemption.’”

As a deputy approached Weber, he told the deputy he was “worthy of being saved” and ran down the stairs toward another officer. That officer attempted to use a Taser on Weber.

Weber ran outside toward his vehicle and was subdued by an officer and transported to jail.

The other case pending against Weber charges him with first degree criminal trespassing, a class 1 misdemeanor, criminal mischief $501-$1,499, a class 2 misdemeanor, and disturbing the peace, a class 3 misdemeanor.

According to the Affidavit and Application for Arrest Warrant, on July 4, an officer with the Hemingford Police Department was dispatched to a residence in the 400 block of Shoshone based on the report of a break in.

The person who reported the break in told the officer that a man, identified as Patrick Weber, had broken into the back door of the house wearing only a towel. The person advised that after breaking into the residence, Weber stood in the kitchen. When he was asked to leave, Weber allegedly “said something like ‘the day of judgment is coming.’”

The officer inspected the door and found it to be damaged. The person who reported the incident said earlier that day they had observed Weber drive by and “motion with his hand, like cutting his throat,” and yell something indiscernible.

The officer made contact with Weber at his residence. Weber would not allow the officer in to the residence to talk, or come outside, according to the Affidavit. Weber allegedly told the officer that “’he had one bride’ and that it was ordered by him and God for his” bride to come home to him. When asked what would happen if the person he named as his bride refused, he allegedly said “’ it is ordered by God, she cannot refuse’ and that we will ‘just do this again until she comes home.’”

When the officer asked about the incident, Weber allegedly responded “you know what happened,” and told the officer he was going to bed.