With several mailboxes being taken or damaged in Alliance and in rural parts of Box Butte County on Oct. 15, law enforcement has been searching for those responsible.

Deputy Marcus Hjersman with the Box Butte County Sheriff’s Office explained he received a report of mailbox vandalism. Upon investigation, he learned that the entire mailbox had been stolen.

“I got tire prints and foot prints on scene,” said Hjersman. “There’s also two other mailboxes, one was damaged, and one was stolen, but this time it was ripped off the post. Those were all within a half mile of that residence. From there, it was just nonstop calls and calls and calls about more and more vandalism and criminal mischief of mailboxes being either stolen or destroyed.

“The Alliance Police Department responded to a similar call that they had in town,” Hjersman said. “With information we received from that, we were able to figure out who the suspects were. Right now, we’re in the process of questioning the suspects.”

No names have been released so far, but according to Hjersman, some of the suspects were juveniles. He believes the situation is under control.

“The police department has around seven (cases) in town, and I have around a dozen (cases) out in the county. That’s only as of right now. We might end up having more called in.”

Hjersman encourages people to stay vigilant and record information about suspicious activity. He advises people who have trail cameras to use them on their property.

“We’ve actually had a lot of investigations solved because of people having trail cameras put up on their property,” said Hjersman. “Other than that, people should follow the Post Office regulations on installing mailboxes. A lot of people are trying to get railroad ties and make these extremely strong mailboxes, but those are completely illegal. They are basically built to be torn away, that way it doesn’t kill someone if they run into it. Otherwise, you’re liable for it.”

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