Times-Herald Fosters Youth Entrepreneurship, To Host Youth Lemonade Stand During Heritage Days

With Heritage Days around the corner, three young people approached the Alliance Times-Herald, asking if they could set up their lemonade stand at the ATH office during Heritage Days. The Times-Herald agreed, noting it is a way to foster youth entrepreneurship in the community.

Isabella, age 12, Topher, age 5, and Gabriella Chipperfield, age 4, opened their lemonade stand last summer as a way to help people beat the heat while learning about business. This year, they have seen a lot of success, setting up shop in their yard on 10th Street.

When they realized that Heritage Days is approaching, they came to the Times-Herald to see if they could help grow their business by setting up their stand at the Alliance Times-Herald. Naturally, the Times-Herald agreed.

“One of the things we care very deeply about here at the Alliance Times-Herald is promoting youth,” said Shaun Friedrichsen, Alliance Times-Herald News Director. “When they came to us with their proposal, it was an easy decision to make. These young people have been learning about business by taking the initiative to form their lemonade stand. That’s really commendable.”

Isabella, Topher and Gabriella will be at their lemonade stand at the Alliance Times-Herald from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday, July 16 through Friday, July 19. People are invited to visit their stand. The Alliance Times-Herald’s mascot Scoop will also be a guest at the stand.

People who stop by the stand are also invited to enter into a drawing to win a six month subscription to the Alliance Times-Herald.